Student NameUrmeen Mansoor
Faculty Mentor NameJack Kugelmass
CollegeCollege of Liberal Arts and Science
MajorAnthropology and History
Research InterestsSouth Asian Diaspora communities, colonial/post colonial Subcontinental history, Influences of Western Education, pedagogical theory, Performance theory
OrganizationsPakistani Students Association, Study Abroad Peer Advisors
Hobbies and InterestsTravelling, reading, hiking, running, art, and baking.

Research Project

The Medical Epidemic: An Analysis of Performances by Pakistani Americans

This research intends to better understand the overwhelming tendency for Pakistani Americans to go into pre-health or STEM fields, raising questions of the origin of contemporary career and educational values, and whether they stem from remnants of a once caste-divided society. Exposure to the Hindu caste system left Muslim South Asians with a “professional caste system”, which was ingrained into Pakistani values at the time of the nations conception. This research aims to understand how these values of division and distinction have manifested themselves within the grounds of the Pakistani diaspora community, focusing on South Asian college and graduate students, as well as members of niche organizations like the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America (APPNA). The creation of such organizations and their committed attendance may reveal the continuation of Pakistani values of division and distinction, masked under the guise of educational and professional excellence in an American context.