Student NameVictoria Baldwin
Faculty Mentor NameSharon Austin
CollegeCollege of Liberal Arts and Science
MajorTelecommunications Production
OrganizationsNational Association of Black Journalists
Hobbies and InterestsTraveling

Why I got involved in research:

I wanted to take a deeper look into an issue I was only vaguely familiar.

Research Project

Colorblind France

I am researching the perception that France is very socially forward and does not able racists ideology as well as the reality of this idea. I will be considering the perspective of African Americans in France and how they compare their experiences with racism in their current home versus their time in America. I will also explore the opportunities allotted to African American creatives in France opposed to those in America, most comparable are those in Harlem Reinassance. I hope to answer questions like what made Paris a safe haven for this sub-community of African Americans? Are there different levels or degrees of racism and does France lie lower on this scale than the United States?