Walter Tarr

Student NameWalter Tarr
Faculty Mentor NameDr. Michele Manuel
CollegeHerbert Wertheim College of Engineering
MajorMaterials Science and Engineering
MinorBusiness Administration
Research InterestsBiomaterials, Corrosion, Physical Metallurgy, Composites
Academic AwardsBausch and Lomb Scholarship 2016; University of Florida Scholarship 2016-2021; President’s Honor Roll Fall 2016, Spring and Fall 2017; Anderson Scholar 2018
OrganizationsMaterials Advantage, Florida Running Club, Outdoor Adventure Recreation
Hobbies and InterestsRunning, Sailing, Hiking, Camping, Traveling

Research Project

Magnesium Bioresorbable Materials for Orthopedic Applications?

This project investigates the behavior of magnesium alloy screws for orthopedic implants and their bioresorbable properties. The scope of this project involves both in vitro and in vivo trials in coordination with the UF vet school. Understanding the behavior of medical devices that dissolve in orthopedic applications is crucial to develop better alloys that are safer and more effective for a patient. At the conclusion of this project, degradation rates of magnesium alloys will be better understood in simulated biological environments and in animals.