Student NameWilliam Donaghy
Faculty Mentor NameJohn Erickson
CollegeCollege of Agricultural and Life Sciences
MajorPlant Science
MinorSoil Water Science
Research InterestsNutrient Uptake, Crop Ecology, Crop Managment
OrganizationsCollegiate Farm Bureau, Agronomy Soils Club
Hobbies and InterestsScience Literacy, Volunteering

Research Project

Nutrient Uptake, Partitioning, and Remobilization in Industrial Hemp

Interest in industrial hemp as an alternative crop for Florida growers is increasing recently, as it is a low input crop that could be used for fiber, seed, and extracts/supplements. Due to the absence of commercial production in the U.S. for over fifty years, there is a lack of data on the nutritional needs of industrial hemp production systems. The main objectives of the proposed study are to determine crop growth rate and evaluate macro- and micronutrient uptake and partitioning in two commercially available hemp varieties. At each sampling date, a subsample of plants will be harvested and separated into leaf, stem, flower, and seed tissues. Tissues will then be oven-dried and weighed to determine total crop growth rate and biomass partitioning. Dried tissues will then be ground in a mill and sent to a laboratory for tissue nutrient concentration analyses. Dry matter and nutrient concentration data will be used to calculate nutrient uptake, partitioning, and remobilization. These results will be used to better understand nutritional needs of hemp and help with implementation of grower fertilization practices for hemp.