Student NameXinling (Selina) Tian
Faculty Mentor NameMarv Krohn
CollegeCollege of Liberal Arts and Science
Research InterestsComparative research about criminological theory in China and America
OrganizationsPhi Alpha Delta
Hobbies and InterestsExercise, baking, travel, making videos, reading

Research Project

How Do Different Ideologies Impact The Rate Of Juvenile Delinquency

As an international student from China studying Criminology, I am interested in conducting research about juvenile delinquency. Due to my personal background and interest, I want to compare the different ideologies in China and America and explore whether they could have an impact on delinquency rates. The result of this research will help people understand the factors that stimulate juveniles to commit delinquent behaviors, and will thus lead to remedies that lower the rate.
Since data in China is hard to obtain, and not a lot of American researchers are familiar with China, there is still a gap in comparing the Chinese and American delinquency rates. By conducting this research, I not only want to find out whether Social Bonding Theory, one of the famous criminological theories in America, also applies to the Chinese society, but I also want to find out whether different ideologies could have an impact on affecting the strength of the social bonds and thus affect the delinquency rate.