Yasmine Gillespie

Yasmine Gillespie


Dominick J. Lemas, Assistant Professor, Ph.D


College of Medicine


Industrial and Systems Engineering




Dance Marathon at UF, A Reason to Give, Dream Team Engineering, Delta Zeta, Alpha Pi Mu, and AMSA

Academic Awards

President's Honor Roll, Dean's List, and University Scholars Program


I volunteered at Shands Hospital, packaged food for the homeless with A Reason to Give, volunteered for the past three years as a Leadership Development Captain for Dance Marathon at UF, and volunteered for the past two years as a Dream Team Engineering Captain

Research Interests

Maternal infant outcomes and data analysis

Hobbies and Interests

Martial Arts and Volleyball

Research Project

A comprehensive review of using Facebook to clinically recruit participants

With the recent pandemic, now more than ever social media is being used as a contactless way to recruit participants. A popular social media site, Facebook has caught the attention of many researchers as a way of recruitment due to its potential cost and time effective way of reaching a wide population. The goal of the proposal is to evaluate social media’s impact on recruitment outcomes. To address the goals of this proposal, I will leverage social media data collected from The Breastfeeding and Early Child Health (BEACH) study. Briefly, the BEACH study investigates how breastfeeding impacts maternal-infant outcomes during the first year of life. The BEACH study recruited women who were in their 3rd trimester of their pregnancy and who plan on breastfeeding their child. Recruitment for the BEACH study used flyers, word of mouth, and social media. Using Facebook, a social media site, we were able to post ads that were linked to our study. The women we hope to recruit using these ads are mothers who are diverse and have an above-average BMI. Based on previous observations I hypothesize, that Facebook will be efficient at recruiting participants, but those participants will have a lower level of retention. To test this, I will be using informatics tools such as RStudio to analyze the data. If Facebook ads are found to be successful in delivering the correct recruitment outcomes, it will be a new source of recruitment that is efficient at recruiting participants from a more holistic approach and includes more of the inclusion criteria versus other recruitment methods.