2022 USP


Michael Lunin

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Christian Jobin College: College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Major: Biology Minor: Pathogensis Research Interests: Dialogue between the immune system and microbiome Academic Awards: N/A Organizations: Alpha Zeta Volunteering: N/A Hobbies and Interests: Staying active Project Title: Identifying the role of bacterially produced hydrogen sulfide in the gut Project Description: Bilophia […]

Mary Mason White

Faculty Mentor Name: Edward Braun College: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Major: Biology and Economics Minor: n/a Research Interests: Comparative genomics, protein evolution Academic Awards: Bright Futures Scholarship, Dean's List Organizations: International Society of Aspiring Physicians, Chi Omega Sorority, Biochemistry SI Program, and Extreme Dance Company Volunteering: CDS Family and Behavioral Health, North Florida […]
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