Isabella Montoya-Bedoya

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Amanda Phalin Major: Information Systems Minor: Portuguese Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning Models, Cloud Technology, Cybersecurity in Business Academic Awards: Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship 2021-2022 Organizations: Latin American Women in Business, Heavener International Case Team, Women of Warrington, Florida Leadership Academy Advisory Board, University Minority Mentor […]

Katherine Carlo

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Gustavo Cortes Major: Finance Minor: N/A Research Interests: Finance, Trade Policy, International Relations Academic Awards: N/A Organizations: Heavener Peer Advisors, Heavener Leadership Challenge, Delta Gamma Volunteering: N/A Hobbies and Interests: Reading, Exercising, Listening to music, Spending time outdoors and with friends Hobby or Research Photo: Project Title: Smoot-Hawley Tariff and the […]

Qirong “Sherry” Meng

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Dennis DiPasquale Major: Marketing Minor: Professional Sales Research Interests: Marketing/Customer Behavior/ Management Academic Awards: Warrington Outstanding Achievement Award Organizations: Delta Nu Zeta Service Sorority/ U Matter, We Care Student Ambassadors/ Career Centre Ambassador/ ISOM Master Program Ambassador/ Pi Sigma Epsilon Professional Fraternity Volunteering: N/A Hobbies and Interests: Traveling, Hiking and Kayaking […]