2020 USP


Cuong Dao

Student NameCuong Dao Faculty Mentor NameAna Martin-Ryals Ph.D CollegeCollege of Agricultural and Life Sciences MajorAgricultural and Biological Engineering MinorBiomolecular Engineering Research InterestsRenewable bio-fuels Academic AwardsN/A OrganizationsN/A Hobbies and InterestsCycling, Hiking, and Cuttlefish Research Project Ion-Exchange Pretreatment of Hydrothermal Liquefaction Aqueous Product for Use as Anaerobic Digester Feedstock? Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) is shown to be a […]


Student NameEL RIM AHN Faculty Mentor NameMatt Baldwin CollegeCollege of Agricultural and Life Sciences MajorPsychology MinorN/A Research InterestsTemporal comparison, identity, motivation, prosocial behavior Academic AwardsUniversity Scholars Program 2020 OrganizationsN/A Hobbies and InterestsReading, hiking, going to art museums Research Project The role of temporal landmarks on perceptions of self-continuity? In the research that I propose, I […]

Sofia Acevedo

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Student NameSofia Acevedo Faculty Mentor NameJeanette Andrade, PhD, RDN/LDN, FAND CollegeCollege of Agricultural and Life Sciences MajorDietetics MinorFood Science Research InterestsNutrition Academic AwardsEugene Chester Terzenbach Memorial Scholarship, CALS Leadership Institute, University Scholars Program 2020 OrganizationsFood Science and Human Nutrition club, Venezuelan Student Association, Culinary Arts Student Union, Hispanic Student Association Hobbies and InterestsCooking creative healthier […]
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