Stephanie Barsoum

Faculty Mentor Name: Alana Jackson Major: Microbiology and Cell Sciences Minor: Health Disparities in Society Research Interests: The effects of music/auditory stimulation on the brain and nervous system, and the mechanisms by which they can be used as a therapeutic for neurological impairment. Also, the associations between music and identity, how it can be applied […]

Emily Beasley

Faculty Mentor Name: Xan Burley Major: Psychology, Dance BFA Minor: N/A Research Interests: Dance and Psychology, impacts of COVID-19 Academic Awards: Friends of Dance Scholarship Organizations: Dance In A Suitcase Volunteering: N/A Hobbies and Interests: Dance, Fitness Hobby or Research Photo: Project Title: Introduction: The Otherside Project Description:            The purpose […]

Amanda Gerulski

Faculty Mentor Name: Jeffrey Pufahl Major: Theatre and Psychology Minor: Applied Theatre for Community Health Certificate Research Interests: Arts in Medicine, Applied Theatre, Mental Health Academic Awards: Mark W. Stoughton Theatre Scholarship (2019), Lawrence Baynard Hubbell Scholarship in Theatre Studies (2020, 2021), Alpha Epsilon Delta Scholarship (2019, 2020) Organizations: Alpha Epsilon Delta Volunteering: Crisis Center […]