Janelle Roach

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Amy Williams Major: Geology Minor: N/A Research Interests: I am interested in the search for organics on Mars as well as the effects of COVID-19 lockdowns on the rate of ozone and fine particulate matter in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Academic Awards: High Honors from Santa Fe College Organizations: N/A […]

Emily An

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Ellen Martin Major: Marine Science Minor: Geology, Wildlife Ecology & Conservation Research Interests: Polar oceanography, climate science, paleoceanography, conservation marine ecology, invertebrate disease ecology, sustainability & environmental education Academic Awards: Benacquisto Scholarship, UF National Merit Scholarship, STEMSEAS alumna, University Scholars Program 2021 Organizations: UF Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Marine Biology Club, Undergraduate […]

Isabelle Tyner

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Louise Newman Major: History and Political Science Minor: N/A Research Interests: Gender relations in the modern U.S. Academic Awards: N/A Organizations: Assembly for Action Scholars Volunteering: Planned Parenthood; Humane Society Hobbies and Interests: Reading, writing, traveling, philosophy, debate and the discussion of current events Hobby or Research Photo: Project Title: The […]

Aecha Kimball

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Rebecca Kimball Major: Microbiology and Cell Science, French Minor: Linguistics Research Interests: Genomics, microbial resistances Academic Awards: Deans list Organizations: AMSA, CAPN Volunteering: Conversation Partners Hobbies and Interests: Archery, art, plants Hobby or Research Photo: Project Title: Differences in the Mitochondrial Genome of Birds at Varying Altitudes. Project Description: We are […]

Yveline Saint Louis

Faculty Mentor Name: Adrienne Strong, PhD Major: Anthropology Minor: Medical Geography in Global Health Research Interests: Women & children's health, infectious disease epidemiology, global health, disease ecology, environmental justice Academic Awards: N/A Organizations: Center for Undergraduate Research Board of Students, Undergraduate Florida Anthropology Student Association, Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honor Society, UF Graduate School's Social/Behavioral Science […]

Wen Jiang

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Jorge Valdés-Kroff Major: Psychology (BCN track) and Spanish Minor: N/A Research Interests: Second language acquisition, codeswitching, bilingual sentence processing, and cross-linguistics interactivity Academic Awards: CLAS Dean's List Organizations: CLAS Ambassadors, ContraCOVID Gainesville Volunteering: N/A Hobby or Research Photo: Project Title: Effects of L1 Masked Priming in an Explicit L2 Context: The […]

Jamie Good

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Raymond Russo Major: Geology (B.S.) & Mathematics (B.A.) Minor: N/A Research Interests: Geodynamics, seismology, paleoclimatology, paleoceanography Academic Awards: USP '21, Dean's List '18-'21 Organizations: UF GeoClubs Volunteering: UF GeoGators, UF Field & Fork Farm Volunteer Hobbies and Interests: Music, gardening, running/biking Hobby or Research Photo: Project Title: An Examination of Tightly-Curved […]

Hannah Kim

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Rae X. Yan Major: English and Psychology Minor: Philosophy Research Interests: Civil Rights, American History, Race Relations, Social Justice Academic Awards: University Scholar, Dean's List, Bright Futures Academic Scholar Organizations: Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, Kappa Delta Sorority, Florida Social Cognition and Emotion Lab Volunteering: Positive Feedback Mentorship; Kappa Delta Diversity, […]

Ami Asar

Faculty Mentor Name: Duncan Purves, PhD Major: Philosophy, Economics, and Political Science Minor: N/A Research Interests: applied ethics, economic development, political philosophy, law, civil rights Academic Awards: Benaquisto Scholarship (2018), Florida Academic Scholars Award (2018-present), President's Honor Roll (Spring 2019 and Spring 2020), Dean's List (2018-2020), Phi Beta Kappa Early Elect Spring 2020, University Scholars […]

Shayna Schulman

Faculty Mentor Name: Angela Farizo McCarthy, Ph.D. Major: Political Science Minor: History and Communication Studies Research Interests: American Legal History, Religion, American Politics, Jewish History Academic Awards: University Scholars Program 2021; International Scholars Program 2021; Excellence in Intermediate Modern Hebrew Award 2020; President’s Honor Roll 2020; Dean’s List 2018-2021; Florida Academic Scholars Award 2018-present Organizations: […]
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