Daniela Hernandez-Gil

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Richard Kernaghan Major: Anthropology and Criminology Minor: History Research Interests: Legal Studies, Legal Anthropology Academic Awards: N/A Organizations: Phi Alpha Delta Volunteering: N/A Hobbies and Interests: Rollerskating, painting, sewing Hobby or Research Photo: Project Title: Civic Knowledge as Social Capital in Latino Communities Project Description: Historically disenfranchised groups, like First and […]

Tram Lai

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Erin Westgate Major: Psychology & Criminology Minor: N/A Research Interests: Group influence, decision-making, wrongful conviction, rehabilitation as related to Social Psychology Academic Awards: N/A Organizations: N/A Volunteering: Child Advocacy Center Hobbies and Interests: Reading, listen to podcast, try out different cuisine, shopping, collecting trinkets Hobby or Research Photo: Project Title: Classics […]

Caitlin Field

Faculty Mentor Name: James M. Davidson, PhD Major: Anthropology, Psychology Minor: Health Disparities in Society Research Interests: Forensic anthropology, bioarchaeology Academic Awards: President's Honor Roll (Spring 2019, Summer 2019, Spring 2020), Dean's List Organizations: Omega Phi Alpha, Habitat for Humanity Volunteering: Omega Phi Alpha (service director), Habitat for Humanity Hobbies and Interests: Crochet, sewing, reading […]

Erin Wright

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Hannah Alarian Major: Political Science and Women's Studies Minor: Economics Research Interests: Women and Politics; Armed Forces, Conflict, and Peacekeeping Academic Awards: O'Neill Excellence Scholar, Junior Fellows Program, Dean's List, President's Honor Roll, also published in the Gainesville Sun Organizations: I am on the Executive Board of the Women's Student Association […]

Aubrey Mys

Faculty Mentor Name: Catherine L Striley Major: Psychology and Sociology Minor: Mass Communications and Health Education Research Interests: Strategic approaches to develop better communication and treatment of patients and addressing social disparities in the health care field. Making healthcare more accessible and equal for children, low-income, and minority patients Academic Awards: • Accepted into LEADUF […]

Sara Loving

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Daniel A. Smith Major: Political Science and Statistics Minor: Spanish Research Interests: Elections, Voting, Redistricting Academic Awards: University Scholars Program 2021, President's List, Bright Futures Academic Scholarship 2018, Students Taking Academic Responsibility (STAR) Award Organizations: Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, Voting and Election Science Team, Acts of Random Kindness Club, Ignite, Undergraduate […]
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