Natalie Patten

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Pamela Soltis and Dr. Douglas Soltis Major: Mathematics Minor: Agricultural and Natural Resource Law, Computer and Information Science and Engineering Research Interests: differential equations, bioinformatics, scientific computing, mathematical logic, complex analysis Academic Awards: Martin County Bar Association Scholarship (2019), Alvin and Sunny Domroe Scholarship (2019), Florida Bright Futures Academic Scholars Award […]

Nicholas Federico

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Robert Guralnick Major: Environmental Engineering Minor: Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Research Interests: Human Impacts on the Environment Academic Awards: N/A Organizations: Honors College Volunteering: N/A Hobbies and Interests: Insect Collecting, Fish Keeping Hobby or Research Photo: Project Title: Effects of Urbanization on Phototactic Insects Project Description: My project is looking at […]

Sophie White

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Larry Page Major: Marine Sciences & Chinese Minor: International Studies in Agricultural and Life Sciences & Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language Research Interests: Phylogenetics, aquaculture Academic Awards: CALS Dean's List, University Scholars Program Organizations: AWARE, Alpha Zeta, Marine Biology Club Volunteering: N/A Hobbies and Interests: BTS, videography, reading, […]

Toshita Barve

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Caroline Storer Major: Biology Minor: Sociology Research Interests: Lepidoptera Academic Awards: N/A Organizations: SKY, Hooked to the Book Club Volunteering: International Association for Human Values Hobbies and Interests: Reading Hobby or Research Photo: Project Title: Silk Production and Silk Fiber Quality in the Indian Meal Moth (Plodia interpunctella) Project Description: Lepidoptera […]