Arman Mahmood

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Benjamin Johnson Major: Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Minor: N/A Research Interests: Social Media, Advertising, Mental Health, Attention Span Academic Awards: Lombardi & Stamps Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, Dean's List Organizations: N/A Volunteering: N/A Hobbies and Interests: Exercising, Sudoku, Video games, Hanging out with friends Hobby or Research Photo: Project Title: TikTok, Sponsorship, […]

Sophia A. Rodríguez

Faculty Mentor Name: Benjamin Johnson Ph.D Major: Business Administration with an Area of Specialization in International Studies Minor: Innovation Research Interests: Social Media Marketing, Ethics, Influencers Academic Awards: DC Gators Fall 2020 Scholarship, O. Ruth McQuown Scholarship Organizations: Management Leadership of Tomorrow Volunteering: The Global Language Network Hobbies and Interests: Teaching, Cooking, Traveling, and Learning […]