Gabriela Pinero-Crespo

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Heather Brockway and Dr. Helen Jones Major: Biology Minor: Spanish Research Interests: The role of the placenta in preterm birth Academic Awards: UF Presidential Scholarship, President's Honor Roll, Dean's List for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Organizations: Latino Medical Student Association, Delta Zeta Volunteering: Children's Medical Services, Shands Hospital […]

Dhairya Shah

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Stephanie M. Karst Major: Microbiology and Cell Science Minor: Health Disparities in Society Research Interests: Infectious Diseases, Virology, Molecular Genetics, and Microbiology Academic Awards: N/A Organizations: American Physician Scientists Association, UF Chemistry Club Volunteering: Aces in Motion, NCF Regional Science Bowl Coordinator Hobbies and Interests: Chess, Tennis, KPop, and solving Rubik's […]

Matthew Brown

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Todd Brusko, PhD Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Minor: N/A Research Interests: Type 1 Diabetes, Autoimmunity, Immunotherapy Academic Awards: ESP 2020, USP 2020 Organizations: UF Diabetes Institute, American Diabetes Association Volunteering: UFHealth Shands Hospital Hobbies and Interests: Tennis, reading, and hiking Hobby or Research Photo: Project Title: Evaluating the Therapeutic Potential […]

Kendall Robinson

Faculty Mentor Name: Andrea D. Guastello, Ph.D. Major: Health Science Minor: N/A Research Interests: Mental Health, Public Health, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Women's Health Academic Awards: Bright Futures Scholarship (2018), Culver's Foundation Scholarship (2018), GCSAA Scholarship (2019), BHS Honors Program (2020), University Scholars Program (2021) Organizations: Omega Phi Alpha - Standards Board, Hearts for the […]

Nisha Chachad

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Dominick Lemas Major: Biology Minor: Health Disparities in Society Research Interests: Women's health, nutrition, medicine Academic Awards: Bright Futures Academic Top Scholar Organizations: Undergraduate Research Scholars Program, Health Educated Asian Leaders, Student Health Outreach Team, UF Honors Program Volunteering: Health disparities volunteer at UF Health Family Medicine Eastside, UF STP volunteer […]

Sarada Menon

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Michelle Cardel, PhD, RD Major: Biology Minor: N/A Research Interests: Health Disparities, Pediatric Obesity, Impact of COVID-19 on Research Methods Academic Awards: University Scholars Program, President's Honor Roll, Dean's List Organizations: UF American Medical Student Association, Delta Nu Zeta, Quetzales de Salud Volunteering: Mayo Clinic Hospital Volunteer, UNITE Telehealth Volunteer, UIASAA […]

Reece Tappan

Faculty Mentor Name: Matthew J. LaVoie, PhD Major: Biology Minor: N/A Research Interests: Neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease Academic Awards: CALS Dean's List (Fall '19, Spring '20, Fall '20) Organizations: Chi Phi, Dance Marathon, Florida Blue Key, Gator Growl and Homecoming Volunteering: Habitat for Humanity, Gator Aide Hobbies and Interests: Fishing, swimming, soccer, […]

Mia Johnson

Faculty Mentor Name: Jacqueline Hobbs, M.D., Ph.D. Major: Biochemistry Minor: Spanish Research Interests: Psychiatry Academic Awards: N/A Organizations: N/A Volunteering: N/A Hobbies and Interests: Reading, running, traveling Hobby or Research Photo: Project Title: Evaluating the Risk of Psychiatric Illness Following COVID-19 Infection Project Description: Currently, there are no known definitive causes of psychiatric disorders, but […]

Alara Güvenli

Faculty Mentor Name: Barry Setlow, PhD Major: Psychology with a Specialization in Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Minor: Spanish Research Interests: Aging, Learning and Memory, Cannabis Use Academic Awards: University Scholar's Program 2021 Organizations: Neuroscience Club, Extreme Dance Company, Women's Student Association Volunteering: UF Arts in Medicine, Neuroscience Club and Society for Neuroscience outreach events Hobbies […]

Srikar Savaram

Faculty Mentor Name: Dr. Khoshbouei Major: Biochemistry and Behavioral Neuroscience Minor: Health Disparities in Society Research Interests: Dopamine Transporters biological responses,, Microglia response rate towards stroke, and Parkinson's disease Academic Awards: N/A Organizations: CLAS Ambassador, CLAS Student Council, Asian American Student Association (AASU), Phi Delta Epsilon, General Intelligences Core team Leader, and UF Club Rowing […]
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