Ceri Borde

Ceri Borde

Sustainability Analysis of Agricultural Development in Trinidad and Tobago


Ceri Borde


Dr. Ann Wilkie


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences


Sustainability Analysis of Trinidad and Tobago

Ceri Borde and Ann C. Wilkie

Soil and Water Sciences Department


Small island sustainability is a very precarious topic involving the careful data collection of local resources and ensuring enough is available for use within the present and future generations to come. Trinidad and Tobago is a collection of islands in the Caribbean that is known for its once large natural gas reservoir that has continued to be the economic engine and mainstay of financial prosperity for the country, compared to relying heavily on tourism as a revenue source. However, as the reserve of fuel slowly depletes with an increasing population size and consumption rate, there has been discussion and policies developed in the process that encourage greater attention to and welfare of the limited resources, specifically fuel, freshwater and arable land. The research conducted in this study will identify the inventoried resources currently available in Trinidad and Tobago. In addition, the study will outline the difficulties and constraints that prevent Trinidad and Tobago executing a quick solution to an otherwise time-sensitive issue, with small islands continually experiencing the effects of global climate change and human development influencing the availability of local resources.


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Research Pitch

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