CURE: Engineering Undergraduate Research: Best Practices in Student Innovation

Best Practices in Student Innovation

CURE: Engineering Undergraduate Research: Best Practices in Student Innovation

Student Presenters

Jacob Boesger, Lyndsey LaBorde, Julianne Owen, and Surina Walia

Faculty Mentor

Dr., Melissa Mae White and Dr., Lawrence Tinker


Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering


The team worked under Dr. Melissa Mae White and Dr. Lawrence Tinker this semester with the goal of implementing the Innovation Ambassadors program developed during the CURE course last year and currently in its pilot stage. This program will aim to train its Ambassadors to foster a culture of innovation, familiarize students with resources available across campus, and guide prospective Ambassadors in an experiential learning Social Innovation Project (SIP) to apply their skills to address a problem facing the campus and/or local community. The current CURE team worked with the original four CURE students to answer the question: “What are the best practices for implementing an innovation program on campus?”. The team conducted a literature review to develop a list of best practices for innovation programs, consulted UF students and faculty along with other universities around the country, created and distributed a survey to gauge student interest and awareness of innovation on campus, and worked towards synthesizing their findings with the goal to develop the framework for Innovation Ambassador training. In the future, the team plans to conduct more interviews to finalize a list of core competencies for prospective Innovation Ambassadors, develop programs and workshops aimed at teaching these skills, and design evaluation methodologies to assess students’ progress. During the latter half of the Spring 2021 semester, the team will launch a pilot Social Innovation Project using their findings to measure the success of the Innovation Ambassadors training program.


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