CURE: Precision Ketogenic Therapy

Precision Ketogenic Therapy Throughout the Life Cycle

CURE: Precision Ketogenic Therapy

Student Presenters

Alexiadis, C., Faloona, M., Farfante, S., Gain, I., Ho, J., Joseph, P., Kahlon, H., Markatia, A., Maurer, H., Mudra, M., Phung, T., Rendina, A., Sharma, V., Swift, M., Villancio-Wolter, K., Volonterio, R.

Faculty Mentor

S. Parrish Winesett, M.D. and Peggy R. Borum, PhD


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences


The application of the PKT diet to patients is based on the concept that consuming less carbohydrate can mimic the effects of starvation, produce ketones, and reduce seizures in patients with epilepsy.  The purpose of this research is to use this principle to improve patients’ quality of life.  Through this research, we gather information needed to tailor PKT to the needs of individual patients.  The Foodomics Database is the foundation of the therapy because it provides the specific nutritional content of the foods being consumed by patients. We aim to extend the Foodomics database with the continued collection of food product information and the development of recipes for patients.


Research Pitch

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