Jaren Abraham

Jaren Abraham

The effects of cabbage looper herbivory damage on wild radish seed production


Jaren Abraham


Dr. Phil Hahn


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences


Seed production of a plant has been found to be negatively affected by damaging feeding activity of herbivorous insects. The exact relationship between the level of damage from insect feeding patterns and the resulting fitness reductions of the plant is less defined. Using varying amounts of cabbage loopers, damage was imposed to wild radish specimens before the flowering phase, after which the plants were left to reproduce and set seed. It was found that at the assigned damage levels, the relationship between herbivory and total seed weight was not significant. However, there was considerable variation among plant genotypes in seed production. These findings suggest that the wild radish is fairly resilient in producing seed and tolerant to certain levels of herbivory, requiring further research to evaluate the efficiency of biocontrol insects on invasive plant species.


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