Jonathan M. DeStefano

Jonathan M. DeStefano

Pr3Tl: a potential magnetic topological semimetal


Jonathan M. DeStefano, James J. Hamlin


Dr. James Hamlin


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


The induced ferromagnet Pr3Tl was recently predicted via high through-put calculations to be a topological semimetal, causing it to be a potential platform to investigate the interplay between magnetism and topological surface states. Furthermore, this magnetism in this compound is impacted largely by even relatively small external pressures. However, the study of topological materials requires very high-quality single crystal samples. It is currently unknown how single crystals of Pr3Tl can be grown, and this difficulty is compounded by the toxicity of elemental Tl. Here I report on the known physics of this compound and discuss our attempts to synthesize the necessary samples. Once the compound is grown, we will investigate it utilizing extremely low temperatures, high pressures, and high magnetic fields.


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Research Pitch

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