Katelyn Gant

Katelyn Gant

Osteological Analysis and Reconstruction of an Isolated, Fragmented Skull from St. Augustine, Florida.


Katelyn Gant


Dr. John Krigbaum


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


My proposed research will examine an isolated, fragmented human skull found near the vicinity of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios (or ‘Los Remedios’), the first Catholic Church in St. Augustine, Florida, representing the first Spanish occupation in North America. ‘Los Remedios’ was established in 1572 and survived an attack by Francis Drake in 1586, but ultimately was destroyed by a hurricane in 1602 (PBS, 2017). The effects of Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 along with work by the Public Works Department provided an opportunity for archaeologists to excavate the area of Los Remedios. Excavations held February-April 2017 led to the recovery of 24 individuals associated with the initial phase of Los Remedios that date to AD 1572-1602. However, this isolated, fragmented skull was retrieved 30 years before these 24 individuals were recovered. My role in this research will be to conduct an osteological analysis and virtually reconstruct the isolated skull. The osteological data from these remains will provide evidence of who this individual is (that is outside the Church’s footprint) in terms of the biological profile.


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Research Pitch

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