Laura Valletti

Laura Valletti

Public perception to composting and perceived barriers to compost participation


Laura Valletti, Dr. Ann C. Wilkie


Dr. Ann C. Wilkie


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


This study aims to determine interest in composting and environmental issues, as well as specific motivations to engage in environmentally friendly practices, with a focus on composting. A 14-question survey was used to gauge the interest and participation in said practices in 315 participants who were a combination of University of Florida students and nonstudent Gainesville, Florida residents. The results from this dataset indicated an interest in environmental issues and a desire to participate in composting among participants. The main perceived barriers to participation were a lack of time, space, and education. Based on the results, it can be concluded that there are a desire and perceived need to compost and perform other ‘environmentally friendly’ actions among participants. However, there is a disconnect when it comes to putting those interests and desires into action. There has been a major culture shift concerning ideas about the importance of environmental issues, but much work remains to be done in putting these newly popular ideals into action.


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