Luran Manfio

Luran Manfio

CRAsset: A Clinical Recruitment Informatics Tool to Facilitate Clinical Recruitment and Administrative Overhead


Luran Manfio, Dominick Lemas, Xinsong Du, Yasmine Gillespie


Dr. Dominick Lemas


College of Medicine


<p>Background: Clinical Recruitment remains a significant challenge, leading to study termination and delay if performed incorrectly. CRAssetR is geared to helping Clinical Recruitment Informatics to facilitate clinical recruitment and record relevant information for administrative use.</p><p>Objective: The goal of our project is to develop an open-source informatic tool for Clinical Recruitment informatics to facilitate clinical recruitment. Through a shinyR reactive framework, it’ll provide figures and tables to allow real-time recruitment review and alleviate administrative overhead.</p><p>Findings: CRAssetR is an open source shinyR app meant to review real-time clinical recruitment data. CRAssetR can be used by any researcher currently using a REDCap repository and will process and present clinical recruitment information. The ShinyR framework allows for an interactive review of the information and with REDCap’s API system all data is presented in real-time. CRAssetR also provides figures and tables that will reduce administrative overhead by presenting information required by national and international review boards like the NIH to ensure compliance.</p><p>Conclusion: CRassetR is an informatic tool for clinical recruitment that provides a comprehensive, real-time summary of recruitment along with figures and tables relevant for review institutions.</p>


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