Michayla Yost

Michayla Yost

Student-Teacher Relationships and Student Receipt of Mental Health Services


Michayla Yost, David Riddle, Joni Splett


Dr. Joni Splett


College of Education


Student-teacher relationship quality has been found to have a profound impact on children’s social-emotional development (Runions et al., 2013). The current study examines items from the Authoritative School Climate Survey to capture student perceptions of student-teacher relationship quality and students’ willingness to seek help. Data on student receipt of services was also measured to analyze the facilitation of social-emotional and behavioral (SEB) services. This study explores how problem type (i.e., internalizing or externalizing) moderates the effect that student-teacher relationships have on students’ likelihood of receiving mental health services. Data from the Project About School Safety (PASS), a multi-site randomized and controlled trial funded by the National Institute of Justice, were also included in the current study. The present study consists of 180 fourth and fifth-grade students with self-reported mental health concerns. Participants responded to survey questions on externalizing and internalizing behaviors, receipt of mental health services, and their perception of student-teacher relationships at their school.


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