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Undergraduate Research

The world of undergraduate research stretches way beyond the boundaries of UF’s campus, and at the Center for Undergraduate Research we are dedicated to helping you find research experiences that will enrich your studies and jump start your career.

Browse the research opportunities listed on our website below to see if there is a program that would be the right fit for you.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities available at UF

Click the links below to learn more about other research opportunities available to undergraduate students at UF.
Academic Year Programs

UF Department of Animal Sciences: Undergraduate Advising  The Department of Animal Sciences lists several opportunities for internships and scholarships.  Follow this link to learn more.

Biology:  Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program:  The Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program (URAP) provides several resources for undergraduates interested in research at UF. For undergraduates interested in conducting research, URAP helps undergraduates to find volunteer opportunities in research projects they are interested in by posting graduate student and faculty research advertisements on this website.

College of Dentistry: Office of Research:   The College of Dentistry is committed to providing opportunities for students to take part in various research activities.  Follow the link to find out more about programs offered.

College of Engineering: Undergraduate Research:  Undergraduate Research can have an extremely valuable impact on the academic career of a Gator Engineering student. The College of Engineering believes that a research experience should be accessible to all Gator Engineers across all departments and programs. Their faculty mentors introduce students to research, prepare undergraduates for graduate school at both UF and other institutions, and provide significant research opportunities. Follow this link to see a comprehensive listing of all research projects and faculty mentors Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering has available.

College of Journalism:  URIP  Gain an in-depth understanding of research by receiving hands-on training on projects conducted in the STEM Translational Communication Center (STCC).

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences  Whether you’re conducting research in a group setting or designing your own project with a faculty mentor, undergraduate research is one of the best things you can do to expand your skillset and sharpen your mind outside of the classroom. The number of prestigious research opportunities available to UF-CLAS students is enormous and spans every major and area of interest.

Health and Human Performance:  Faculty Research  At HHP, we collaborate as an academic community to enrich lives, influence healthy living and enhance human performance. Student involvement is an integral part of your UF experience. There are thousands of organizations and involvement opportunities on campus and some great ways to get involved at HHP. Follow this link to learn more about the research conducted by faculty through HHP.

Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS): Undergraduate Research:  IFAS mission is to discover, invent and develop applications of new knowledge in agriculture, human and natural resources. Experiment Station faculty are located on the Gainesville campus and at Research and Education Centers across Florida. The Experiment Station has more than 450 active research projects. Each project has specific goals and objectives that our interns help accomplish under the supervision of a faculty member. Paid internship opportunities are available during the summer semester, but volunteer opportunities are available year-round. Review the information on the website for more information.

InvestiGators Research Honor Society:  Students in the InvestiGators Research Honor Society work directly with a faculty member and a group of peers to reach a common research goal. They experience translational science through both animal and clinical research addressing real world problems. IG is divided into three interrelated teams: KetoGator Team; Gator Team; Carnitine Team. 

McNair Scholars Program   The McNair Scholars Program prepares undergraduate students for the pursuit of a doctoral degree by providing funding, mentoring and the opportunity so they can gain research experience, academic skills and strategies, and develop the student/faculty mentor relationships so crucial for success in higher education. Please contact Dr. Samesha Barnes at sbarnes@aa.ufl.edu for more information.

Psychology:  Undergraduate Research Opportunities  The research opportunities described here are provided by faculty and graduate students who are currently seeking undergraduate research assistants. You are also encouraged to talk with your course instructors and teaching assistants about research projects they are conducting as well as visit faculty members’ individual web pages. Once you have identified laboratories of interest, contact the person listed in the Contact Info column to find out about the availability of research assistant positions as well as the specific laboratory’s application procedures. You are encouraged to do this as early as possible, as some laboratories have a limited number of available positions and fill them before the semester begins.

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