Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium

Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Undergraduate Research Symposium is open to all undergraduate researchers!

The Undergraduate Research Symposium is a chance for students to present their research. All areas of research are accepted, and this is a great opportunity for students to present their summer work, such as research done at an REU, abroad, or at the University of Florida. Presenting at the symposium gives students valuable presentation experience, as well as a place to network and learn about research in a variety of fields.

The event will be held virtually November 5th, 2020, from 5-7pm.


ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE: October 16, 2020, 11:59pm. New Deadline October 30th 11:59pm!!

The Center for Undergraduate Research Board of Students (CURBS) is pleased to announce the call for abstracts for the 2020 Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium. The deadline to submit your abstract is October 30th.  Use the Register link below to submit your abstract, abstract must be max 200 words.

All undergraduate students in all research disciplines are eligible and encouraged to participate.

This year we are proud to host our Fall Symposium on a new platform. Your abstract submission will be collected online via a registration form through the link below.  The only restrictions on the submissions is that any files need to be in PDF format and under 10MB (these instructions are explicit on the form and listed below). For presenters who would like to upload a supplementary video (with the poster presentation) or an oral presentation, these need to be shared via a YouTube link (also indicated on the form and listed below). It is recommended that the YouTube videos be set as unlisted following upload so that they don’t appear in any public search (i.e. they are only accessible through the unique link). The instructions for how to do that are also on the form.

Abstract Submission:

Please note that when copying in an abstract, certain formatting (e.g. bold, italics, etc.) may not be kept. Please double check your abstract and re-add formatting where necessary.

Poster Submission:

Upload a PDF of your poster. PDF must be less than 10MB in size. If necessary, to compress it and reduce the file size, we suggest Smallpdf.com or another online tool.*

Video Submission:

Please upload a video (2-5 mins recommended) of you describing your work/poster to YouTube and paste the link below (only YouTube links will be supported). Please make the YouTube video settings as UNLISTED.

For support with:

For information and help with your poster preparation and presentation, please visit the Center for Undergraduate Research’s online resources at http://cur.aa.ufl.edu/ or visit our online office hours, .

For any additional questions, please contact Marissa Nash (marissa.nash@ufl.edu) or Anjali Patel (anjalipatel@ufl.edu) with the subject line “Fall Symposium.”

Below you will find two logos you can use for your poster!

Colorful logo for the Center for Undergraduate Research

Gator Logo for the Center for Undergraduate Research

Archive Your Poster/Presentation for Posterity (and Showing Off)

The Institutional Repository at UF (IR@UF) offers free online publishing and archiving services to the UF community, and they want your work. After you finish your poster, remember to save it as a PDF file from whatever program you used to create it. All you need to do to submit your poster to the Institutional Repository at UF (IR@UF) is use this link to create an email message to the IR.

To give the Smathers Libraries permission to put your work online, just copy and paste the following into the message:

  1. I verify that I am the copyright holder or that I have retained the right to share my work openly in an institutional repository.
  2. I am granting the Smathers Libraries permission to host and display my work in the IR@UF. This grant does not alter my rights in any way.
  3. UF will not profit from putting my work online.
  4. I am free to distribute my work as copyright holder, or in ways that are consistent with any prior agreements that I have entered with respect to my rights in this work.
  5. The IR@UF will include a statement with my online thesis that informs users that I own copyright and that they must contact you for any use that is in excess of fair use or other exceptions available under the law.
  6. The IR@UF will archive my work for preservation purposes and will assign a permanent URL that will link to my item indefinitely.


Then attach your PDF to it, and send it! When your poster is available online, the Smathers Libraries will send you the permanent link that you can use for applications, CVs, and impressing friends and family.

Note: If you gave a live presentation and have a video recording that you would like to add to the IR@UF, please email IRManager@uflib.ufl.edu and we will help you get the file online.

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