Artificial Intelligence Scholars

We had an overwhelming number of applicants in our first year offering this undergraduate AI research opportunity. There were 140 applications submitted. We expected to fund 20 students, but were so impressed that we increased our support to fund 35 outstanding student projects. The students come from 18 different majors and are sponsored by faculty from 8 different colleges at UF.

AI Scholars

The Center for Undergraduate Research in partnership with UF AI2 Center and with support from a UF-FAMU NSF* grant is excited to announce 20 new University Scholars awards for students pursuing research with Artificial Intelligence in any discipline. 

*NSF Award #2123440 AI Across the Statewide Curriculum

The University Scholars Program introduces undergraduate students at the University of Florida to the exciting world of academic research. 

A competition is held each spring within participating colleges and centers for the University Scholars awards that includes a $1750 stipend. Students from any discipline can apply to be an AI Scholar. The program will consist of undertaking a full research project that utilizes AI, under the guidance of a faculty member. The University Scholars Program- AI Scholars serves as an exceptional capstone to the academic careers of UF students. Students from all disciplines are selected through a competitive process to participate in this program.  

Award Amounts

  • $1750 for the Student$750 at the beginning of Fall, $1000 at the end of Spring.
  • $500 for the MentorMentor Funds paid to the department fiscal contact for use in support of student research


  • Must not graduate prior to May 2025
  • Applications Due February 16, 2024
Application Instructions
Personal Statement

Submit a personal statement of 300 to 500 words

Provide reasons you would like to be an AI Scholar.

Research Proposal

Submit a Research Proposal.

The research proposal is the first step towards your research design. You will work with your mentor to describe the project you will be working on. Your research mentor should sign this document indicating their willingness to mentor you. Max 1 page.

Letter of Support

Obtain a letter of support from your research mentor. The letter is in support of your application to this program and should include their intention to mentor you for the duration of the program and information detailing what makes you a good fit for the program.   

Department Contact Info

Center for Undergraduate Research

Newell Hall, Room 202
1700 Stadium Rd
Gainesville, FL 32611

+1 (352) 846-3222

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Social Info

Student Resources

Program Requirements


Each University Scholar is required to attend an orientation.  Orientation is a way for CUR staff to get to know the students and for the students to be able to have an open forum for questions.  During this orientation all details of the program requirements will be covered. Orientation will be done in an online capacity.  More details will be provided as the deadline approaches.

Paper Requirement

Every University Scholar is required to meet the publication requirement.  Scholars must submit by 11:59 pm on deadline day or will forfeit the final stipend. Mentors decide the option most suitable for the scholar, and their approval is required for all publication submissions. 

There are four options to meet this requirement:

Option 1: Co-author on a peer-reviewed journal article

The best option is to be a co-author with your advisor and/or research team on a paper submitted to a professional journal. Talk to your advisor early to determine if this is a possibility for you. To meet this requirement, your research mentor must e-mail (e-mails from students will not be accepted) stating that it is their intention to include you on a paper.

Option 2: JUR submission

If you will not be a co-author on a professional publication in 2019, you must submit a research paper to JUR, by JUR deadline. No late papers will be accepted. You must follow all of JURs deadlines and format requirements. Papers that do not meet their submission guidelines will not be accepted. Look on the JUR site for the guidelines. Submitting to JUR may preclude later submission to a professional journal but as each has their own regulations about previously submitted/published work, you and your research mentor will have to determine if there is a conflict. CUR and JUR staff cannot answer that as each journal has their own guidelines.

Option 3: Co-author after current year

If your mentor is not ready to make the data public or is planning on a journal submission after current year, you must submit a research paper to CUR,, by deadline. No late papers will be accepted. You must follow all of JURs deadlines and format requirements. Papers that do not meet their submission guidelines will not be accepted. Look on the JUR site for the guidelines. The form needed for submission can be found here.

Option 4: Progress Report

If you and your mentor determine that the project did not progress to the point of meriting a journal article, you must submit an e-mail request to submit a progress report (the email must be copied to your mentor) to If approved, the final progress report must be approved by your mentor, and detail the entire project, work completed, any results, and problems encountered and must be emailed to by the deadline. The progress report should be formatted as follows:

Paper Assembly

Title page
Abstract and Key Words
Results – if any
Literature cited


12 point Times New Roman
Text aligned to justified
One inch margin
Page numbered (title page is page 1)
No running headers
1500 word minimum

Presentation Requirement

Each University Scholar is required to make a presentation at the University of Florida Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium by presenting a poster or an original creative work. You will be sent directions on how to submit your abstract and the required format before the deadline.  Your abstract and poster must be approved by your mentor before submission. If the student is unable to attend the research symposium on campus, they will be required to present in an online poster session.  More details will follow.