I am delighted to welcome you to not only the 21st Annual UF Undergraduate Research Symposium, but the first ever Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium. This year the event grew to over 400 posters. We are excited to include many of our freshmen Course Based Undergraduate Research Course teams who are also presenting their research. The virtual format challenged the students to not only make their poster, but to also make a short video of their presentation. The chat boxes allow you to ask them questions and to comment on their work. I applaud all the students who met this challenge are ready to interact with you about their research. I also thank all of the faculty research mentors who helped them with this new format.

Go Gators!
Go Research!

Dr. Anne Donnelly
Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research

Congratulations to our 2020 Best Undergraduate Research Paper winners!

The three winners for this year’s best paper award are below. Congratulations to all the winners!

Arts & Humanities:


Jordan Moumne


Paul Rudolph’s and Carlo Scarpa’s Interaction with the Environment

Faculty Mentor:

Jeff Carney, School of Architecture


Social, Behavioral & Education Sciences:


Emily McHugh


Word Learning in Two Modalities

Faculty Mentor:

Lori Altmann, Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences



Kaden Loring (1st author), Paul Fulda, Luis Ortega, Guido Mueller, James Monroe, Xavier Huerta, and Jeremy McAllister


Hydroxide catalysis bonding of a negative thermal expansion alloy for astronomical telescopes.

Faculty Mentor:

Paul Fulda, Department of Physics

Cover Contest Photo Winners

Lauren Goldstein and Iris Irby

Lauren Goldstein

Cover Description:  A brightly colored female Phidippus Regius jumping spider looking into the camera. This spider has been used for mating to produce egg sacs for use in mantidfly larval rearing trials. This photo was taken by undergraduate research assistant Lauren Goldstein in a behavioral ecology lab at the University of Florida’s Entomology and Nematology department.

Iris Irby

Cover Description:  This cover is a combination of my two passions- art and bacteria. In microbiology lab we were given the opportunity to create agar art, and I decided to attempt a butterfly. This butterfly was created using an M. luteus culture on Emerson agar. This artwork helped me understand the beauty and importance of interdisciplinary research, and that the combination of the arts and sciences can yield fruitful results. Just like a butterfly, research at the University of Florida is constantly growing and evolving, resulting in projects and concepts greater than what could have been imagined.