Florida Undergraduate Research Conference (FURC) 2017

Hosted by Florida Atlantic University Feb. 24-25, 2017

!! The procedures for SUBMITTING ABSTRACTS for FURC will be released in DECEMBER !!

More conference info: http://www.fau.edu/furc/

Group photo of the FURC 2016 participants at the University of Tampa




CURBS Peer Advising for the fall has started! Come into the CR 130 in module A of the CRC for for ALL your research needs. No appointment needed just come in Monday - Friday from 10:40 AM - 3:50 PM. 


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Upcoming Events

September Seminar Series  

09/07/16 - How to Find  a Research Project

09/14/16 - How to Find a Summer Research Experience (STEM)

09/21/16 - How to Apply to Graduate School

09/28/16 - How to Apply to University Scholars Program

10/28/16 - Undergraduate Research Symposium  


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