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Recognizing Research Excellence

Students are responsible for documenting their own completion of the program requirements on the REPU Canvas page throughout their undergraduate research career. This course is supervised by the Center for Undergraduate Research and will be used to maintain a record of activities completed to fulfill the REPU requirements. Upon successful completion and documentation of REPU requirements, students will be recognized by the Center for Undergraduate Research as a REPU scholar and awarded graduation chords that signify their exemplary participation in research.

To be recognized at graduation, all requirements must be completed 10 weeks prior to graduation. 


The Research Excellence Program for Undergraduates:

  • Introduces students to the breadth of research at UF
  • Prepares students to become part of the research community at UF
  • Offers students mentorship opportunities
  • Encourages students to publish and present their research
  • Recognizes students who achieve significant research experience

Program Requirements

Students are responsible for maintaining an up-to-date record of their completion of the program requirements on the REPU Canvas page.

Students must earn a total of 50 points across core and flex requirements. Core requirements (listed in boldface) are mandatory and will count for 8 of the required 50 points. The remaining 42 points can be earned from other activities. 

For detailed information on the point system and point values for specific activities, please visit the REPU Canvas page.