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Anne Fang

Faculty Member Anne Fang

Anne Fang

Director of Membership (she/her)

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Hello! Anne is a second-year Biochemistry major and Health Disparities in Society minor. Her research in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences focuses on designing a novel small molecule that can be used in new-generation, broad-spectrum sunscreens. They employed site-directed mutagenesis to engineer the active site of Mycosporine synthase D to improve its photo-protective effects. Anne joined CURBS because she has always been fond of research and discovery and wanted to share this passion with others. Her involvement in workshops as an ambassador catered to her desire to share the plethora of research opportunities at UF, regardless of the area of study. Besides her involvement in CURBS, she is the Director of Volunteering for the Grace Advocacy Program, a member of the USRP Student Advisory board, and Hearts for the Homeless. Anne’s fun fact is that she loves lifting!