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Anya Reddy

Faculty Member Anya Reddy

Anya Reddy

Director of Educational Outreach (she/her)

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Hello! Anya is a third-year Nutritional Science major conducting research in the College of Medicine. Her research focuses on evaluating factors that can affect the rate of development of Pediatric and Adult-onset Type 1 Diabetes. She joined CURBS because she wanted to empower UF students as well as kids in the Gainesville community to pursue their passions through research and inquiry about the world around them. Anya has found mentoring others to be especially rewarding and wants to give others the guidance she had received from her mentors. In addition to her involvement in CURBS, Anya is a first responder with the Gator Emergency Medical Response Unit, a Peer Leader for First-Year Florida, and finds time to volunteer with Fun and Fit Wellness Center.