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HiPerGator Supercomputer

UF is home to one of the world’s fastest supercomputers, HiPerGator. The HiPerGator supercomputer is a cluster that includes the latest generation of processors and offers nodes for memory-intensive computation.

From detecting crop diseases and pests to analyzing decades of hand-written doctor’s notes and medical records, HiPerGator is helping researchers push the limits of science.

The tour begins outside with a survey of the unique features of the building the supercomputer is housed in. Students are then invited inside to the control room where we learn how the supercomputer generates connectivity through the Campus Research Network, the Florida Lambda Rail, and internet2. Next, students suit up with protective equipment for hearing to enter the supercomputer room. We learn about the makeup of 140 NVIDIA A100 nodes, 17,920 AMD Rome cores, 1,120 NVIDIA Ampere A100 GPUs, 200+ HDR Infiniband and ethernet switches, and other impressive elements of the cluster. Then we learn about the cooling system and extensive backup power system infrastructure that keeps the supercomputer running efficiently.