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Mariyah Dhanani

Faculty Member Mariyah Dhanani

Mariyah Dhanani

Co-Director of Workshops (she/her)

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Hello! Mariyah is a Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience major, minoring in Chemistry, and pursuing a Certificate of Dance in Medicine. Her research takes place in both the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as well as the College of Public Health and Professions and focuses on Implicit Bias and Social Cognition. More specifically, he intersection of psychosocial factors within Pediatric chronic illnesses. She joined CURBS because, as a first-generation college student, research was intimidating and complex to approach. CURBS gave her the confidence and advice needed to find research she was passionate about. Mariyah found value in making research more approachable through the workshops committee and plans to continue this as Co-Director. Besides her involvement in CURBS, she is part of Down to Dance, Footprints, and Floridance. Contrary to popular belief, Mariyah believes candy corn is “the top-tier candy”