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Peer Advising Notice

Peer Advising for Spring 2023 will conclude April 29th

Do you need help getting started in research at UF and would like to speak with someone?

The Center for Undergraduate Research Board of Students (CURBS) offers peer advising for anyone who would like get involved in undergraduate research.  Click one of the boxes below to learn more.

Peer Advising

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About Peer Advising

Whether you’re looking to get involved in undergraduate research at UF or are already involved and looking to enhance your experience, our trained peer advisors are here to help. The Center for Undergraduate Research Board of Students (CURBS) offers personalized peer advising to students to help them find research opportunities on campus, apply to research scholarships, create effective research presentations, locate and apply to external research programs outside of UF, and offer resume critiques. CURBS peer advisors are experienced undergraduate researchers who are passionate about helping students find enriching opportunities that will take their academic experiences to new heights.

M, Tu, Th, F | 10:40 AM – 3:50 PM | Newell Hall Room 202 & Zoom

Students can either meet with a peer advisor in person at Newell Hall, Room 202, or online using the Zoom link below. Advising is on a walk-in, first-come-first-serve basis.

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Online Students

Interested in performing research at UF but not sure where to start?

The Center for Undergraduate Research Board of Students (CURBS) offers online peer advising! Receive one-on-one support through Zoom and answer your questions about engaging with the incredible research at the nation’s 5th-ranked public university.

During the Fall and Spring semesters, advisors will be available online from 10:40am to 3:30pm. Please use the following link to join walk-in Zoom advising:

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“My peer advisor was very helpful. I needed some guidance on how to approach a researcher via email and I was given a clear outline that I’ll definitely be making use of.”

“My peer advisor gave me the tools to reach out to the professors I am interested in working with. She recommended picking 7-10 researchers and how to initiate contact with them. She was a wonderful peer advisor. I will definitely make an appointment with her soon!”

“I benefited greatly from attending peer advising. My peer advisor was able to give me useful information on which websites to use to find research positions, how to reach out to professors, and other great advice.”

“My peer advisor helped me refine my email and also gave me some insight into how he attained a research position. His advice truly helped me and allowed me to attain an interview.”

“My peer advisor was super kind, helpful, and easy to talk to. She definitely knew what she was talking about and helped me figure out my next steps in the process of finding a research mentor.”

Where do you start to search for a faculty Mentor?

Watch the video to get started in your search for a research faculty mentor.

Meet the Directors

Our peer mentoring group is made up of experienced undergraduate researchers who are passionate about helping students find research opportunities that will enrich their academic experience and help them reach their career goals.

Farah Contractor

Class: 2022


Major: Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience

Minor: Health Disparities in Society

College: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Research Description: I conduct research within the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology. Specifically, my research explores how certain behavioral techniques can help children with chronic illnesses cope with and manage their illnesses. I am currently helping with an intervention for teen asthma patients that involves a digital app that tracks their adherence to treatment. I also conduct research in organizational and behavior management, where I learn how psychological principles can be applied to enhance the workplace.

Shray Mehra

Class: 2023


Major: Microbiology (Pre-Medical Track)

Minor: Economics

College: Liberal Arts and Sciences

Research Description: I research at the McKnight Brain Institute under the Department of Emergency Medicine. My research focuses on using neuroproteomics to find biomarkers in the brain to identify the development of traumatic brain injury and post-impact injuries. I am also involved in a COVID-19 research project at the pediatric ICU at Shands hospital, where we are working to better screen and identify COVID-19 symptoms.

Peer advising has resumed! 

Please reach out to one of our directors if you have any questions!