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Are members of your organization interested in joining or advancing undergraduate research?

Are you planning an event involving research with an undergraduate focus?

Our diverse group Ambassadors serve as official representatives of the Center for Undergraduate Research to University of Florida faculty and administration and student organizations and as a resource to undergraduate researchers in our community.

CURBS Presentations

As official ambassadors of the Center for Undergraduate Research, we have fully trained representatives whom are well versed in the breadth of undergraduate research! As a service to all students, we provide presentations on the following topics while also tailoring the message and resources to best serve your organization:

  • What is undergraduate research?
  • Is research for me?
  • How to find a research position
  • Why is research important?
  • Where to begin!
  • Scholarship opportunities through research
  • Opportunities to share and communicate research
  • Research advancement
  • Leadership opportunities through research
  • External and summer research opportunities

Through the help of real UF undergraduate researchers, we are able to bridge peer-centric advice with professional resources. We hope you will consider the possibility for a presentation or event collaboration with our ambassadorship in the near future!

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Undergraduate Research is for all students

Please fill out the interest form below and one of our representatives will reach out to confirm scheduling. If you have additional questions, please contact our Director of Campus Outreach, Matthew Davis, at

Being on the CURBS e-board allowed me to provide leadership to other students seeking to find research experience. I was able to use these skills to present during workshops on how to find research positions and the benefits of doing undergraduate research.

CURBS Alumnus